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A growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the United States and beyond has led to a desperate need for painkiller detox. Thousands of people suffer from addiction to drugs and need help to overcome the physical dependence that keeps them using the drugs time and time again. For those who are addicted to painkillers such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Morphine or Dilaudid, painkiller detox is the very first step of recovery.

Pain pills are relatively easy to acquire. A simple headache, backache or similar pain matter taken up with a doctor is likely to land you on a trip to the pharmacy to get some type of painkiller. Not just those who are wealthy have access to painkillers and it’s not just those acquiring the drugs on the street who become addicted. Painkiller addiction often results from a legitimate need to take medication for chronic pain or a similar condition so it’s important to understand that even if a doctor prescribes you a medication, there is a still a major risk of addiction occurring.

Often times, painkiller addiction will result from the accidental or unknown abuse of the drug. For instance, you are prescribed a pain medication following an injury. After a few days of taking the medication, you begin to take more of the drug because you realize it’s just not getting rid of the pain the way it used to. This is a sign of tolerance which is also a sign of addiction setting in. Within a few weeks, you are now taking double or triple the dose of medication that you were prescribed and you’re still feeling pain. When it’s time to stop taking the painkiller, you feel sick, edgy or otherwise uneasy—painkiller addiction has seemingly caught up with you.

How Painkiller Detox Helps

If you become addicted to painkillers, the most difficult part of not taking the medication is typically the physical withdrawal symptoms that affect you when you abruptly stop taking the drugs. Painkiller detox can help you to get past these early days of treatment by providing you with a safe, secure and medically sound place where you can be treated for many of the withdrawal symptoms that you have. By receiving treatment for the withdrawal symptoms, you are less likely to resort back to the drugs in an effort to feel better.

Help is available in various levels of treatment for painkiller addiction. You can choose an inpatient detox program that will provide you with around-the-clock medical care and support for your addiction or you can choose to take part in an outpatient program. Many people who become addicted to painkillers choose to detox under the guidance of a doctor who can prescribe them other medications or treatments that are less risky to help reduce their pain or withdrawal during this difficult time.

If you need help overcoming prescription drug addiction, painkiller detox is going to be the first step of your recovery plan—and one of the most important steps. We can help you find a local detox center that will provide you with a comfortable and safe environment to overcome physical drug dependence and get on the right track to recovery. Treatment specialists are ready to assist you in making the transition into a detox center that will help you to get well.