Painkiller Detox

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Painkiller Detox Programs

Are you addicted to painkillers or do you know someone who is addicted to painkillers? Painkiller detox is the first step to getting sober but it’s also the most difficult step to cope with because it is plagued by a number of withdrawal symptoms. During painkiller detox, the physical dependence that you have on prescription medications will be completely overcome in preparation for the long-term counseling and therapy that you will need to stay sober. Many painkiller detox programs have been developed to accommodate the unique needs that you may have.

We can help you find a painkiller detox program that will provide you with effective treatment for painkiller addiction. Whether you are addicted to painkillers as a result of taking medications for a real pain or you are addicted due to recreational use, detox is going to be the very first step that you must take if you want to get sober. Different painkiller detox programs are available to provide you with the right level of care, monitoring and support to get well.

Inpatient Painkiller Detox

For major painkiller addictions, inpatient detox is often the preferred method of treatment. This ensures the safety of the patient as these programs are medically supervised to ensure that the recovering addicts who take part in the program are treated immediately for any medical conditions that occur during detox. Because painkiller detox is often plagued with so many difficult to deal with withdrawal symptoms, most inpatient detox program will provide patients with medications that will reduce the impact of these symptoms to make the detoxification phase a bit more comfortable and easy to deal with.

Outpatient Painkiller Detox

If your addiction is not severe, outpatient detox could work for you. This method of treatment provides you with a place to receive counseling and support on a regular basis without the requirement of you living in the facility for the detox duration. Some people benefit greatly from this method of treatment while others are not so inclined to do well with this method of care. Prescription medication addictions that are very physical and which have extreme withdrawal symptoms are best treated in an inpatient detoxification program but for those who are mildly addicted to painkillers, outpatient detox can help.

Rapid Detox

Although it is not a widely accepted practice, rapid detox is another option for those suffering from painkiller addiction. During this method of detoxification the patient is placed into a medically induced coma and they remain comatose for a period of up to 72 hours during which all physical drug dependence is overcome. Rapid detox is potentially dangerous so before taking part in any rapid detox program, you should discuss the details thoroughly with a doctor.

If you or someone you know is addicted to painkillers, detox can get you on the right path to long term recovery. Although it’s only the first step, effectively overcoming physical dependence on drugs can help you place more focus on your mental and spiritual recovery goals and long-term sobriety. For help finding a local painkiller detox program, call to speak with a specialist.